Effects caused by Cell Phones

Vincent Tyl

English 1 4th


 Effects caused by Cell Phones

“Mom can I have a cell phone for christmas?” “No!!” Should have expected that, its the same thing I hear every year. Instead of people enjoying each others company and conversations, cell phones have affected their lives by creating anti-social behavior.

for example, a couple sitting at a table at the fancy restaurant Sho Guns. While eating the delicious food their eyes never left the sight of their cell phones, being rude to eachother.

In situations like this people dating should be communicating about eachothers hobbies and common activities they both participate in. Also getting to know each other and things they do or don’t like about one another.

In addition, a newly 16 year old has just now received his driver’s licence along with his brand new 50,000 dollar sports car. He zooms out of his driveway with his eyes never leaving the sight of his cell phone. Two seconds later that luxury 50,000 dollar sports car turns to a pile of shredded fiberglass on a tow truck.

Therefor,buying a cell phone can cause you to be antisocial and cause great distractions and ruin lives.

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