How fear affects people

Vincent Tyl

English 1-4th

April 30, 2015


How Fear can affect people’s lives   

The memoir night, the Jews face fear when Germans capture and killed them, like the Jews people face fear every day in their lives.Fear can affect people’s lives by causing missed opportunities, but can help with self preservation. Therefor fear is usually causing missed opportunities and which causes regret for a lot of people and also it helps them out as who they are and their picture.

At some point in life everyone knows all breathing and living objects will at some point face fear. For example, a couple of young teens get the opportunity to take their mother’s car while she is not home to say no. Even though fear is telling the teens no, but the teens overcome the fear just for the couple of minutes joy ride that could turn tragic. The fear of the consequences and regret holds the normal person back from making a lifetime mistake. In addition, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, Newton’s first law. This law can be interpreted many different ways. For everything someone does there will be an equal reaction good or bad depending on the decision they made. The teens should have feared stealing his mother’s car could end up getting him a free ride to the county police station as it did due to the teens feared nothing.

Fear can create a barrier inside of someone stopping them from going too far in certain situations. For example, a married man is walking through town when he is stopped by a gorgeous young woman. As she proceeds to asking the married man for his number. The man sees the fear of losing his lifetime soul mate and walks his way out of the bad situation. fear created a barrier that without could have possibly ruined his marriage,family and entire life.

Therefor, people miss opportunities in life due to not letting the fear stop them, but also people let fear create a barrier saving relationships,families and lives all together.

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